What is PR?

Yep that’s right, we are taking it right back to the bone today! It might seem like an obvious question, but it isn’t.  We get asked this question quite frequently and no question is ‘silly’ –  far from it. Like every profession, PR evolves and we are arguably one of the fastest moving industries out there.

PR has been thrown further into the spotlight since the pandemic because we have seen exactly what happens when PR is badly managed. OR worse, when it isn’t even considered. I am sure you can think of a few companies who have acted badly, been unclear, evasive or let their customers down over the last few months.

So what IS PR?

PR raises awareness of your business and builds strong, truthful relationships with your audience.  Your audience includes your customers, but also your staff, suppliers, partners, community and public stakeholders.

PR determines if people buy from you or not. It ensures that all your audiences know who you are and what you do. PR professionals are experts in strategy, media, social media, branding, digital communications, events and reputation management. Creativity is always at the core of our work, using our digital and offline skills to get people talking.

How does it differ from marketing?

PR and marketing go hand in hand and there are significant areas of crossover, particularly across branding, events, social media and digital channels.  Marketing is more focused on product development, pricing and strategies including market penetration or diversification. We work across both areas and regularly deliver projects that combine our PR and marketing expertise to get results for clients.

What PR definitely isn’t?

You may have heard the word ‘spin’ and that is one of the biggest myths, and dangerous misconceptions about the PR industry.  Spin is like something from a bygone area.  PR is most definitely NOT about burying bad news, hiding the truth or attempting to deceive people.  This is unethical, immoral and it can often be illegal.  Professional PR agencies do not carry out these practices and never would.

Always, always choose a PR agency that is regulated by the CIPR or PRCA. This means they have gone through the checks and balances and care about ethics and standards. Any agency regulated by these bodies can be penalised and ‘struck off’ for any practices deemed to be harmful or illegal.

How can PR help my business?

  • PR increases sales because it gets your business in front of your customers. You might have the best product, or service in the world. But do people know that you exist? Are you reaching the people that want to buy what you are selling?   There is a vast ocean of competition out there, and online has become even more crowded and noisy.
  • PR helps you build a customer base or ‘fans’ to sustain your business. Call them what you will. They are your customers, but more. They are people that believe in your brand, love your brand and become your ambassadors by influencing others to buy.  By building strong relationships you build a successful business.
  • PR gives your company a distinct identity and voice that is truly unique. Your communications create a buzz and response that makes you stand out from the crowd. Personal brand is more and more important in the current climate and this is equally where PR comes into play.
  • PR can help you recover from a difficult or unexpected event/series of events. Businesses of any size can be hit by fire, theft, IT failure, legal action, defamation and also the threat of competition. PR experts help you to manage this in the right way. It makes sure you minimise damage, protect your reputation and get back on your feet more quickly.
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To read more about PR visit the Chartered Institute of Public Relations