Emergency support 

We helped businesses through the swine flu pandemic, and now we are putting these skills and experience into action.  Our emergency service has launched to give businesses quick and easy solutions to use right now and survive the next few months.

Our clients have already called on us to help craft crisis communications to their customers, provide media advice, and advise them on business disruption and suspension.

In other examples our emergency service has stepped in to help a consortium of event companies manage cancellation, deliver sponsor and customer communication and shift operations online .  We are now helping them form marketing plans for new events in the autumn.

We have also helped the team at Koshary Kitchen, an exciting new food brand, that urgently NEEDS to get takeaway orders in to stay in business.

Seizing new opportunities

Adapting, and innovating is the way many businesses will come through this difficult time.  There are always opportunities in every crisis, but it’s not easy to see them when you are juggling day to day tasks, or worrying about how to pay your staff.

We can help you

  • Change or adapt your business focus
  • Get noticed with marketing and PR support
  • Find new ways to reach your customers with webinars, virtual customer service solutions, online resources and workshops.
  • Get media coverage

If you are doing something to help your community, or approach things from a creative and positive angle, drop us an email and we will get you on the news!

Getting back on your feet

It might not feel like it at the moment, but this too will pass. We will start to get back to normal life, and consumer confidence will return.

It’s crucial that you start planning for this now as the marketplace will be overcrowded and there could be smaller budgets available.  Bare PR can help you prepare for this with a clear action plan to hit the ground running and stay ahead of the game.

Helping charities

We are offering free crisis communication support to Croydon charities to help them through this difficult time.  If you know a charity that could benefit from our unique expertise, please let us know.

Our trusted business partners can help

Finally, we are lucky to work with a network of trusted business partners that we can highly recommend and work with on a commission-free basis.  These include a business loan adviser, HR consultant, printer, employment lawyer and business coach. If we can help drop us a line.