Our talent management service

Bare Talent is our dedicated talent management team for purposeful entrepreneurs.  People that are creating change, delivering social value and breaking new ground in their field of work.  Who we call ‘Purposeful Preneurs’.

Demand for talent management has grown massively since we launched Bare PR as more and more people recognise its importance – and so Bare Talent was born!

Bare Talent enables you to grow your personal brand. Whether you are a leading light in business, lifestyle, fitness, entertainment, or simply an expert in your industry, Bare Talent can push your career to the next level.

We work with you to build your brand carefully and thoughtfully.  Our goal is to propel your career, open new doors and make you more visible. If you don’t have a career strategy, now is the time to start!

How we build your brand

  • Personal brand strategy and action plan delivery
  • Public appearance and speaking engagements
  • TV/radio/podcast and press opportunities
  • Brand collaborations and partnerships
  • Online brand management – social media, video and digital content
  • PR campaign design and delivery
  • Event management
  • Press office function – fielding and managing requests

To apply please contact the team