Many businesses have experienced a big drop in income because of the Covid19 Pandemic and this is a big worry for everyone.

But, there are some positive steps you can take to try and address this problem. And taking action will keep you focused as well as build on good relations with your customers
In our recent Business Survival for SMEs Webinar we looked at what businesses can do to generate income during the Covid19 Pandemic. You can view the whole webinar featuring Alison Warner from Evolve and Grow, Esther Fagbemiro, Achor Employment Law and Shahzad Fayazz at BizNav Chartered Accountants on Vimeo

Read the room

Before you start, it’s crucial you understand how people are feeling and are sensitive to the context you are working in. At the moment people are fearful and in need of reassurance, but in time the mood will change. The important thing is not to presume what your customers are thinking. Monitor what people are saying and the tone on social media; or pick up the phone and speak to a few of your clients. Ask them what they need, and how you can help.

Adapt and maximise your existing resources

There’s been some great examples of businesses using their assets to make a difference to people’s lives during the pandemic. Crosstown doughnuts are using their fleet and infrastructure to deliver fruit and veg supplies to those in social isolation. While estate agents are providing a Home Butler service, sending people much needed pamper kits and treats. Don’t let your skills and assets go to waste.

We’ve also seen many services switch to online in recent weeks but the market is already getting very crowded. It’s crucial you make your offer different and make it fun and shareable so you really amplify your voice in the online space.

Find your perfect partner

We are all in the same boat and that means all businesses are more open to support and collaboration than ever before. It’s the perfect time for affiliate marketing and forming alliances with business that are natural referral partners. This can earn you commission through every referral you make to your partner, and likewise they can do the same for you. This could be an accountant and business coach working together, or a lawyer and an estate planner for example.

Now is a good time to get external links on partner and supporter websites and put together some guest blogs that will promote you more widely to your target audience. This is vital for your online visibility and Google will rank your website much higher as a result.

Hook a future customer

Using hooks is a great way to spark interest in your business. The trick is to leave someone wanting more and willing to convert to a paying customer. Free or discounted subscriptions is a good example of where this works well. Trials or taster sessions are also effective for luring people in. Relaxing fees or standard costs to your existing customers, for example delivery charges or disbursements will also be appreciated and will increase customer referrals to family and friends.

You should also consider how to add value to your offer with new services or benefits. If you are an accountant for example, why not offer a legal helpline service. If you work in the recruitment sector, you could provide face to face job interview training. There are many ways you can really show your customers that you care and want to help them through this difficult time.

Get ready to hit the ground running

Lockdown will not last forever. And when things start to change, they will change quickly. Preparing is everything if you want to make the most of those first few weeks, because competition will be very fierce.
First of all, say thank you to your regular and loyal customers, and make sure you give them the VIP treatment. This could mean giving them pre-order privileges, exclusive content or added extras. This is a good way to secure early and guaranteed sales , as well as reward repeat business.

Also, this is a big opportunity to reinvent or reinvigorate your service; to offer something really new and exciting. Something that will speak to people who have been inside their homes for weeks, away from their loved ones and their favourite hobbies and activities. Everyone is going to need treats and plenty of fun. If you are a restaurant for example think about the fact that people will have missed out on a full birthday celebration because of lockdown. Offer a private room or exclusive dining experience to help them really make up for it in style.

Whatever your business, don’t forget there are ALWAYS opportunities when challenges come your way, and it is all about responding to what your customer needs, wants and values. If you are stuck and really need some help, we are running special Fightback marketing sessions on Zoom for 1 hour /90 minutes or 2 hours. To book your slot please contact