So why not put business advice in everyday places? The places we shop, visit and go about our daily lives. If we want to democratise entrepreneurship, it’s important it is accessible, visible, and in reach for as many people as possible.

This thinking led us to develop a brand-new retail concept for our client The UK’s StartUp Partner – The Bright Ideas Business Lab, in collaboration with IKEA. And after many months of stop-start due to the pandemic, the Lab was finally unveiled this week.

IKEA and the UK’s Startup Partner are trialling the concept at IKEA’s flagship store in Croydon, South London. The Lab will help businesses affected by the pandemic, from brand new to more established companies.

Lee Lam, Founder of the UK’s StartUp Partner said: “Entrepreneurs are critical to rebuilding our economy and we need to do everything we can to support small businesses through these difficult times. Younger people have been particularly affected by the pandemic and at the same time we know there has been a huge trend towards home improvements. It seemed a natural fit to work with IKEA Croydon who shares our support for local communities.

“For those customers that are looking for support, we are pleased to be making business advice far more easily available and accessible. With the Bright Ideas Business Lab, we are hoping to reach more people early on in their business journey when getting the right information is essential for long term success

There has been a 30% surge in new businesses this past year while a third of 18 to 34-year-olds are hoping to launch a venture in 2021, So we are super pleased to be supporting this lab to meet a vital need for our local business community.

Entrepreneur Sophie set up her jewellery business So and So Studio mid pandemic in November 2020, and visited the lab to get help for the next stage of her venture, She said: “Thank you for offering the business lab. it’s so good to have the opportunity to speak to people who know what they’re talking abut. Lee absolutely knows her stuff and gave me so much to work on for my business, thank you!.”