Bare PR will expand its ‘personal PR’ service to CEOs, C-suite professionals and influencers due to growing demand from across London and the South East. Bare boasts over 20 years’ experience managing high profile individuals including managing media and speaker engagements, reputation strategy, crisis management, social media support and securing brand partnerships and collaborations.

Bare’s Director Lorraine Bridges said:
“In today’s world the actions and words of business leaders and entrepreneurs are increasingly scrutinised and the digital world brings both risks and opportunities. We enable our clients to navigate this complex landscape and build and maintain a personal brand that is distinctive, compelling and at the forefront of their industry.

It is simply not enough to run a business, it is imperative that owners and founders are visible, vocal and engaged with issues that concern their customers and stakeholders. We become our clients’ eyes and ears so they don’t get left behind.”

Bare has experience working alongside MPs, Councillors, Directors, industry experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and online influencers. If you want to raise your profile and be in demand on the offline and online stage, please get in touch and we can discuss some options.