The world is changing day to day and things are about to get very competitive. The crisis has made people more ambitious, and much more focused on their marketing and PR.  It’s clear that businesses are gearing up for a major come back and it’s time to get ready or get left behind.  Read our top tips for take-off.

Listen don’t leap

Before making plans for any new marketing or PR activity, always make sure to listen. Spend time online ‘social listening’ to your customers.  Take note of what they are saying, how they are feeling and what their concerns are.  Feed this into your strategy, and to write key messages, and keep your ear to the ground as things change. There may be an unwillingness or inability to spend, or even a renewed appetite to buy your services.  Understanding the difference and responding in the right way is crucial.

If your customers aren’t easily identifiable online, do some market research or telephone interviews.  Whatever you do, don’t skip this piece out.

Create a Launch Plan

Putting a clear and focused plan in place for your ‘relaunch’ is vital and will make sure everyone in your team is on the same page. It will mean looking at again at your marketing strategy and checking that it is still relevant and in tune with the external environment.  Will you need to make key changes to your pricing model, customer base or even the branding of a particular service or product?  Now is the time for clarity and purpose.

Out with the old, in with the new

We’ve all been living with restrictions.  Less freedom, less income and much less human interaction.  But that is about to change.  Suddenly people will be ready to buy, excited and seeking experiences.  There will be lots more choice and a lot more businesses vying for their intention.  It’s time to mix it up because what worked before is simply not to going to wash. Wow your customers and win them back with a renewed and fresh approach.

Invest in your greatest asset

Businesses are defined by its people and your team’s morale has never been more important.  Be mindful that your staff may need extra support, more reassurance and more regular meetings to stay motivated.  Take the time to regroup around your vision, involve your staff in decision making and use this opportunity to build on your internal communication strategy.  The strongest businesses over the coming months will be those that share and commit to the same goals.

Bare PR is helping businesses all over London and The South East to adapt and renew their marketing and PR strategy.  If you need help to get through this difficult period, please get in touch to see how can support you.