The way businesses respond to the Coronavirus will define them for years to come.  No ‘previous rules apply’ the norms no longer exist. There is no them and us, this is an experience we all share , and one that will shape us forever.  It’s an opportunity to break new ground and set the tone for a new and different conversation with your customers.

6 ways to connect with your customer

The key thing to remember is that your customer isn’t ‘other’; it’s you.  It’s the son worried about his ageing parents, the mother worried about her job and how to put food on the table. Being human is your first and foremost priority at this time, and this is will determine how your customers respond.

  1. Be helpful
    Everyone is living a new ‘reality’. Working in a different environment, using new technology, and juggling different family routines. It’s all pretty overwhelming. Providing any advice and support that can help people navigate this new world will be welcomed.  Whether that’s referring people to trusted partners in finance and HR, signposting community support services or providing advice on how to use zoom.  Every little thing will help.
  2. Show your authority

    You are the expert in what you do and now is the time to step forward. Be visible and active posting online at least 3 times a week on social media and writing at least 2 blogs on your website per week.  Use live video formats to offer webinars, Q and As, tutorials and expert insight.  It’s vital that YOU come to mind when people think about your industry and that YOUR business comes to mind when the lockdown is lifted and people are ready to buy.

  3. Stay true to yourself

    Remember those company values, your brand culture and corporate social responsibility? How are you living these values and showing your customers how you put these into practice at this critical time? We’ve seen some wonderful examples of companies helping out in their community, using their vehicles, premises and infrastructure to support food and supplies delivery and adapting their service to respond to society’s evolving needs.  Actions speak louder than words and customers notice when businesses live up to their pledge.

  4. Put people before profit

    The Coronavirus has put financial pressure on us all, but sometimes profit has to take a back seat. If you can offer complementary services to your customers, do so.  Freeze or defer any monthly charges, discount products, refund cancelled services, postpone, price increases, stagger payments for customers, donate to local charities. Do the right thing.

  5. Make it personal

    We’ve all gone online but offline is still King.  Pick up the phone and speak to your customers. It has never been more important to stay in touch and making a call is both personal, and informative.  Use it is an opportunity to check product or customer satisfaction, take a temperature test and identify any additional needs.
    If you are sending emails make them as personal and tailored as possible. Do not send another ‘this is unprecedented times’ email because, well…how many of those have you already received?!

  6. Say thank you

    If we ever need to be reminded how much we value our loyal customers, it’s now.  Think about what loyal ‘looks like’ in your business. Is it just the repeat buyer or the customer that’s stayed with you the longest? Maybe they’ve referred you to friends or family, regularly share your social media posts or left you a glowing testimonial.

    Make your customers feel special with a thoughtful gesture that offers them something extra.  That could be exclusive access to pre-order, priority booking for webinars, price reductions for newsletter subscribers and other special benefits.  Finally, don’t forget to just say the words ‘thank you’.  Easily done, often forgotten.

Take care and best wishes to all our clients, friends and supporters.

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